Check out these adorable free printable paper dolls. These look like the classic paper dolls and I wanted to share them with you. Print them on cardstock so they’ll last a little longer. Thanks goes to Patty Reed Designs for making them available to print.

Patty Reed Designs makes my favorite reusable bags (you’ve never seen bags this stylish before). My mom just introduced them to me, they are made from recycled water bottles and are 100% recyclable. They sell them at Fred Meyer (they are on sale all the time) and online. My mom is using them as gift bags instead of buying those expensive paper ones that can only be reused a few times. The design options are so fun that they make a great sensible alternative to disposable gift bags. I just had to share how I found those free paper dolls, and I hope to give some of these fun reusable bags to my readers soon.

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