I haven’t had the pleasure of trying PJ Madison’s Organic Julep Mint Chip ice cream yet, but I already know it will be my favorite flavor.

One of my ice cream lovin’ readers, Julie, told me that you can sign-up for a coupon for PJ Madison’s Organic Super-Premium Gelato Style Ice Cream. I like to share coupons with you, and I followed up with Julie who is already a big fan of PJ Madison’s:

I happened to pick up a pint of the Kashmir Cinnamon, the name is what was intriguing to me. Much to my surprise, it was really good. The flavor was wonderful…it didn’t taste like you were eating something that was healthy for you, and the texture was creamy, which is a plus in my book” -Julie
PJ Madison’s is a homegrown Texas ice cream business, founded by Jennifer Davidson and her husband (with their two children inspiring the product and the name). I was fortunate to get to chat with Jennifer by email, and thought I would take this opportunity to give this mom’s wonderful ice cream a little exposure to my readers.

What features popped out at me that make PJ Madison’s Organic Ice Cream better than the rest?

* Unique flavors
* Certified USDA Organic
* Sweetened with organic unrefined cane sugar

* Gluten Free

* Certified Kosher

What stores carry PJ Madison’s? Here’s their list of stores, but they are quickly expanding and will be at Randalls this fall. If your favorite grocer does not carry this brand of ice cream, feel free to visit the customer service center and fill out a request form for it. I just requested it at my HEB and have my fingers crossed that they will soon offer it so that I may indulge in that Julep Mint chip!