My inbox is overflowing with wonderful freebies and deals from my readers. Here are some of my favorites:

Snapfish 1 Penny Prints Nikk and Michelle both emailed me about this Snapfish deal: “For one week only you can get 50 4×6 mail-order prints for only a penny each! Use coupon code JUL4PENNY08 at checkout. Hurry, this offer ends July 12!” Of course you still have to pay for shipping – but it’s not that high. Michelle blogs at Bargains 4 Metro Detroit (and beyond) and she said: “I paid $3.83 in shipping charges for 60 prints and $0.32 for sales tax.”

Staples Penny Sale
– The blog Saving for our family’s Dreams! wants you to know that you can get a bunch of school supplies for a few pennies at Staples this week!

Coupon Giveaway
– The blog On Our Way . . . is hosting a coupon giveaway this week.

Free Museum Admissions
Mommy Super Shopper has a great list of museums that offer free admission as part of special promotions with Target and Bank of America. A great list to check to add a free museum day to your summer calendar!

Free Music Downloads @ NoiseTrade
– Jen wrote to me about this free source of music that she just found: “There are several free cd’s you can download…you just share with 3 friends (just type in your friends’ email addresses) and you get a free cd. Or, you can pay “what you want”. Derek Webb, a well-known Christian artist started this website, and musicians allow their music to be shared for free through this website, so it’s legal. I have several friends who will love this, so, by sharing 6 friends’ email addresses, I just got 2 new cd’s.” –Jen

Sherrilyn Kenyan Free Book Download
– If you are a fan of the author Sherrilyn Kenyan, you might be interested in downloading her novel Seize The Night for free. One of my readers, Mari, is a big fan of her books and shared this freebie with me!