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The President Did WHAT? $0.00

by Nancy Ragno

THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? is structured as a trivia quiz (multiple choice) to make it interactive and keep you guessing. But that’s not all.

Turn the page to check your answer. Each answer page is fully illustrated and provides additional information about the president in question. (The presidents covered are George Washington to Joe Biden.) Plus, there’s a complete list of the presidents and their vice-presidents for easy reference.

THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? is really two books in one: (1) an entertaining quiz book of surprising, sometimes quirky, facts about the U.S. presidents; and (2) an illustrated, informative guide that helps you gain an insight into what each president was like, his personality, and why he deserves to be remembered (or not).

No more drawing a blank at the mention of such presidents as Franklin Pierce, Millard Fillmore, or Benjamin Harrison. Thanks to THE PRESIDENT DID WHAT? you’ll know details about even the “forgotten presidents,” details history buffs may be unaware of. For example, see the sample questions below.

What president . . . ?

  • worked as a model in college and was on the cover of “Cosmopolitan”?
  • invented “Baked Alaska” and “Chicken a la King”?
  • made all his own suits and a suit for the governor of Kentucky?
  • was so cheap he served White House guests ice water in paper cups?
  • allowed his son’s two pet alligators to roam loose in the White House?”

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