Are you having trouble printing coupons at

Are you having trouble printing coupons with “bricks” in the URL?

Contact for help. Since everyone has a different computer system, this is the best way to try and get help.

Check out this tip from Shawna: “Try using the Coupon Bar from Mozilla Foxfire didn’t work for me either…but, I am sending you the above link in case any of your other readers run into this too. There is apparently an issue with AOL and some coupons and this works when I.E. and Mozilla will not…which is great.”

Are you having trouble printing coupons from other websites?

I can offer you general tips, but if you have problems you need to contact the website issuing the printable coupon for more help. If that route doesn’t give you any helpful tips, here’s my general advice:

General Tips for Printing Coupons
1. Check your pop-up blocker, if it is on then if a coupon tries to open in a new window it won’t open at all.
2. Clear your cookies and temporary internet files. Sometimes these bog down your system and cause problems with printing coupons.
3. Try a different browser. I switch back and forth between Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (free download here).
4. Do a virus, spyware, and adware check of your computer. This is very general advice but sometimes clearing up one of these problems will clear up other problems on your computer.
5. If all else fails, go back to the website where you are trying to print the coupon and request the coupon by mail! You can often do this successfully, even if they don’t give you the option it never hurts to ask!
6. Ok, if even that fails – ask a friend who doesn’t use coupons to print it for you!

Good luck, and let me know if you have any coupon printing tips to share!