Thanks to Northern Cheapskate’s post “Don’t Let Target Deny Their Coupons!” I was inspired to make a phone call to Target Customer Service 1-800-440-0680 to ask a question about my last Target shopping experience. The last time I went to Target the cashier told me that they no longer accept both a Target coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on one item. After calling Target customer service, I found out that the store is in error and that they will be reminded that Target does accept these coupons.

I will admit that I don’t like shopping at Target because it seems like very time I shop there I have a bad experience trying to use coupons. I know enough about using coupons at Target that I know they should accept the coupons I try to use – but they usually have a problem with at least one of them. Usually I will ask to speak to the store manager, because they often will accept my coupons – but the last time I went to Target the store was about to close and I didn’t have time to wait to speak to the Store Manager. So, the cashier would not accept my stacked Target coupon and manufacturer’s coupon (both from the Sunday ad insert) for one item. So I simply did not buy the item.
Unfortunately Target does not have a written coupon policy on their website – but please call their customer service number if you encounter any problems using coupons there. Save your receipt so they know which store you went to and which cashier checked you out. Be specific about what problem you had – what coupons they would not take and why the cashier said they would not take them. You’ve got to be outspoken about any coupon problems you encounter, because you have the right to use your coupons! The individual Target stores can not arbitrarily set their own policies, according to my conversation today with a Target customer service representative.