Lisa sent me this question:
I have gone on some web sites to sign up for free samples and they a lot of times have surveys in order for you to get the free sample. I have tried to complete the survey, but never ever get to the end of them. Plus they want you to subscribe to magazines or something like that. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Are those the kind of free samples that I want to stay away from? I don’t understand why they have these on the web. It seems like a lot of work just to get a free sample. Am I wrong about this? Could you give me some advice?”Lisa

Here is my response:
Surveys are ok, but only if they are offered directly from the manufacturer offering the free sample. I stay away from all free samples that require “participation in a qualifying offer” and any “list” of free samples where you click and click only to reveal a new “list” of free samples or offers that require “Yes” or “No” responses to each.

My advice it to be careful – and stick with me for your free samples. I try to only list the ones that have a high likelihood of arriving in your mailbox. I’m not perfect, but I am learning each day and becoming better at distinguishing the better offers. There are tons of free samples out there, so you should never have to buy anything or subscribe to anything other than a free eNewsletter to get them. You might also want to read my post “Stick with me for your freebies!