Enter the Green Your Vacation Contest and get 70 points for your RecycleBank account by clicking on everything that moves in the Travel themed suitcase. After you register or sign-in to RecycleBank then click on the blue “Play Now” button for Green Your Vacation on the front page of RecycleBank. Then click the red “Travel” button at the top of the page to start exploring the Travel themed suitcase.

Click on these moving objects in the Travel themed suitcase for points, just accept the pledge or take the quiz or action:

Cruise Ship (10 pts), Airplane (10 pts), Blue Car (10 pts), Green Car (10 pts), Train (5 pts), Red Suitcase on Train (5 pts),  Red Suitcase that’s Flying (10 pts), Clouds (10 pts)

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Image credit: RecycleBank