Good morning, Moms! What did you and your kids have for breakfast this morning? Were you feeling rushed? Have you thought of trying those new Breakfast BREAKS you’ve seen advertised? Thanks to Mom Central and East Side Entrees, my family got to try free samples of Breakfast BREAKS, and I’m bringing you a review of this new product straight from our breakfast table! This product is designed to be a convenient package of cereal, cereal bar, and fruit juice. For extra convenience the package also includes a plastic spoon, napkin, and lemon-scented moist towelette. My 2-year old son enjoyed his Cinnamon Toast Crunch Breakfast BREAK, while I enjoyed sharing the Honey Nut Cheerios variety with my 1-year old son (he ate a few Cheerios and the entire cereal bar). I like that the Minute Maid juice box included is 100% fruit juice with no added sugar. Overall the Breakfast BREAKS seem to have a lot of sugar in them, but it was hard for me to compare the sugar content with our normal breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, toast, and juice. I would definitely consider buying these for when we are traveling on the road and to keep in our Hurricane Emergency Supply Kit (we live in Houston). The packaging is reminiscent of an airline meal (minus the turbulence) and is definitely designed for “on the go” moms and kids. The great thing about the cereal is that although you would usually add milk, you certainly don’t have to. I would not consider adding this to our typical morning breakfast menu, but I can see how the convenience of the packaging could mean a less stressful morning routine for some moms. But, it’s all about what you like to eat, and how leisurely of a morning routine you have! I have not seen these in the stores yet, but surely they’ll be coming to a cereal aisle near you! And I’ve seen a few coupons in recent issues of a few magazines (like the Feb. issue of Better Homes & Gardens).