The asterisk(*) usually denotes a “required field” to be filled out by you when you request a freebie. When I first look at a request form, I scan down to take note of where the asterisks are. Then I usually only fill in the required fields of the form to request my freebie. Sometimes companies like to try and get some extra information from you, and often they will ask a few survey questions. But usually there isn’t a good reason to give them anything beyond the essentials (Update: Of course the survey questions can provide useful feedback to a company, so you may want to answer them even if they aren’t required. I fill out surveys all the time, but I do so usually at the direct request of the company. Sometimes I don’t like the survey questions they ask, and I choose not to answer those questions). Actually, sometimes you don’t even have to fill out fields that are “required” – just try leaving them blank and see what happens. If they really require the information in order to fulfill your request, then they will probably tell you that when you submit the form. Remember to never give out any information that you are not comfortable with giving out. So, look for those asterisks and fill out the request forms a little bit quicker! Get all the Freebie Tips from February right here.

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