Shocked to hear that the best freebies are the ones that you DON’T go looking for? Well, at least the best freebies for me have been the ones that I don’t search for, but they search for me. The best freebies may even be ones I DON’T request, but they request my attention when they arrive on my doorstep.

I don’t want you to get too excited and expect that the companies I list below will start sending you the same freebie, but I want you to keep in mind that as a consumer your opinion is important. Visit the website of one company that you are impressed with that sells products that you love. Sign up for their e-news or fan club. Call them or send them an email telling them WHY you love their products. Some of them will surprise you with freebies!

Now, here is a list of companies that I love, and they are sending the love back to me in the form of freebies (remember that these are all freebies I received and not current offers):

Barilla Pasta: I completed a 30-minute survey about pasta. It was a long survey, but they rewarded me with a year of free pasta and sauce (two coupons to use each month).
Hawaiian Tropic: They love customer comments, and rewarded me for simply commenting on their e-newsletter with a bag full of their products to try.
Ocean Spray: I had to try their recipe for Party Meatballs since they went to the trouble of mailing me a can of cranberry sauce and chili sauce just because I am a member of their Cranberry Club. I love it when you get freebies like this in the mail!
Yogi Tea: I received a sample of three different teas just for responding to a short survey about new packaging for their products. They send the samples to a limited number of survey respondents, so I was just one of the lucky ones!
Stubb’s: I joined the “I Love Stubb’s” club because it has got to be the best marinade we’ve ever tried. They surprised me with a package including a rare coupon (I want to frame it), a beer koozie, and a toothpick holder.

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