Catch Most Sale Prices with Walmart Savings Catcher #SavingsCatcher

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Have you ever wished you could score the sale prices from multiple grocery stores while only shopping at one of them? Well your wish has come true with the Walmart Savings Catcher. It’s an amazingly easy way to ensure you really are getting the lowest prices at Walmart because your receipt is analyzed to see if lower prices can be found at any competitor stores in the area. I was excited to see this program because it’s the first time I’ve seen a store offer money back to consumers automatically without the consumer doing the leg work of comparing the competitor’s prices. It’s so easy to use either from the Walmart mobile app or from the Walmart Savings Catcher website.

I was shopping for food to make 15-minute or less breakfast, lunch and dinner for our new routine now that school has started up again. I loved the low prices I found at Walmart and I used a lot of coupons to save money. It was reassuring to know that Walmart was going to make sure I really did get the lowest price by giving me a Walmart eGift Card for the savings I could have gotten from other competitor stores in my area. No other store offers a program like this – it proves that Walmart really does want you getting the lowest price!

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Walmart Savings Tip: Submit Every Receipt #SavingsCatcher

How do you get money back from #SavingsCatcher?

It’s easy to get money back on any qualifying items you purchase at Walmart that are on sale at other stores by submitting your recipe to Walmart Savings Catcher. One feature that I love about this program is you can submit your receipt by entering the 21-digit receipt number. You do not have to ‘snap’ a photo of your receipt – just look at the bottom of your receipt for your TC#. This was a huge time-saver because you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot of a long receipt and trying to match things up in a series of several photos. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 –  Go to he Walmart mobile app or Walmart Savings Catcher website after shopping at Walmart and sign-in using your account. It’s easiest to submit your receipt thru the Walmart mobile app because you can do it at the store or in the parking lot simply by entering your receipt number!

Step 2 – Enter your receipt number and date of purchase (you must enter within 7 days of making your purchase). I recommend entering it as soon as possible after making your purchase.

Step 3 – Wait to find out how much money you get back in the form of a Walmart eGift Card (it can take up to 72 hours to get your savings back)

Now wasn’t that easy! You can choose to ‘cash out’ and get your Walmart eGift Card immediately or wait and let your savings add up for an even bigger gift card. Please be aware that not every single item sold at Walmart qualifies for this program. Here’s which products it does apply to – read more at the Walmart Savings Catcher FAQ page:

  • Most groceries such as cereal, rice and most fruits and vegetables except for: store brand items, deli, bakery and weighed items like meat.
  • Consumable items such as paper towels, bleach and trash bags.
  • Health and beauty items such as shampoo and makeup.
  • Select general merchandise items.

Walmart Savings Catcher #SavingsCatcher

Iwas shopping for groceries to make meal prep a lot easier now that my kids and I are in our “back to school routine”. I bought 60 items and the Walmart Savings Catcher caught a lower price on 4 of those items. I was blown away that not only does Walmart do all the leg work by analyzing your receipt – but they also show you every detail of their analysis. I could see exactly which four products I was getting money back on because they were on sale for less at other stores. I got $1.80 back on Eggo Waffles, Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits, Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats and Challenge Butter because Walmart found that two other stores in my area had those products advertised for a lower price. I was thrilled to get that money back because it was like having an extra two or three coupons. And I never would have visited those others stores just to purchase those sale items (and the amount of money I spent on gas would have exceeded my savings).

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How I caught savings from 2 others stores while at Walmart #SavingsCatcherMy best savings tip for getting the most out of this new program? Get in the habit of submitting every single receipt – you just don’t know which program you’ll catch savings on next!

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