There are tons of freebies out there, but some aren’t worth your time to request, and some result in a huge influx of junk in your inbox. I wanted to encourage you to use Freebies 4 Mom as your primary source of freebies because I bring you the best of the freebie offers available and I stick to offers that come directly from the manufacturer or a well-known company (i.e. retailer or magazine).

I make no promises that the information you submit when requesting a freebie will be kept private and used only for the purpose of mailing you the freebie. But I will tell you that your chances of having your personal information kept private are vastly better when you request a freebie from a manufacturer or company that has established (and adheres to) a “Privacy Policy”. Look for these “Privacy Policies” when you look at the web page form to request a freebie. Click on the link to read the “Privacy Policy” if you are inclined to find out more about how your personal information will be used. Also consider filling out only the required information on a freebie request form, usually the required fields are marked with an asterisk. You will usually be asked your birthday, remember that this is being asked to determine that you are above a certain age and legally eligible to request the freebie. Some people even set-up a separate e-mail address for their freebie requests.

There are lots of free sample sites that I NEVER visit. They are most likely to result in you receiving unwanted e-mail, mail, or phone calls (this is called SPAM). These sites promise to deliver some great Name Brand freebies, but do they deliver them? Maybe after you jump through 100 hoops! I’m not kidding, because when I first started my freebies quest I stumbled upon sites like these. You have to click through a thousand boxes of participating offers and say “No, No, No . . .”, but “Yes” to at least one to qualify for the freebie.

If you ever have a question about a freebie offer, feel free to contact me and I’ll see if I can do some research on it. A lot of freebies are offered by new companies that are just starting up – these are great freebies sometimes! There are also lots of bogus printable coupons floating around. These are hard to verify, but usually any coupon in a *PDF, *JPG, or *BMP format raises suspicion if you can not get to it directly from the manufacturer’s website.

I’d love to share more information on these subjects, so please tell me what you are interested in learning more about to be smarter about getting freebies and coupons! Post a comment here or send me an e-mail.