Hanes (20,000+ enter each Wednesday, details here)
Dole Salad
(15,000+ details here)
Wendy’s (10,000+ details here)
Disney Movie Rewards (10,000+, 3 sweeps, details here)
(10,000+ details here)
(5,000+ details here)
Play & Win (4,000+)
(2,000+ details here)
(2,000+ details here)
Little Debbie Miles of Smiles (1,000+)
Rock Your School (1,000+ details here)
Coinstar (1,000+ details here)
Red Robin
(1,000+ details here)
Summer of Savings
(1,000+ details here)
Pilgrim’s Pride
(1,000+ details here)

I love winning movie tickets! I’ve gone on two “Mommy’s Movie Time” dates with myself so far with my free movie tickets, and now I’ve just won my second free movie ticket from the Hostess Mama Mia instant win game. I received my free game code by email and just keep entering it every day (and it’s won me 2 movie tickets!). Typically when you receive a free game code or you have a UPC to enter, you can enter them daily over and over again and still have a chance to win. Unfortunately the movie ticket expires on Thursday and can only be used top see Mamma Mia! which is not even playing at the movie theaters near me. With the hurricane approaching I don’t expect to be using it this weekend, but it is good to know that you can win more than once! The free movie ticket is in the form of Hollywood Movie Money so you can only redeem them at certain theaters.

Want some tips on entering sweepstakes from a mom who loves sweepin’? Walk with Me has excellent tips on entering sweeps posted on her blog. It’s motivating to hear about her sweepstakes winnings. Ask her any questions you have about sweepstakes, she’s definitely a more seasoned sweeper than me!

With the end of August brings the end of several sweeps. But I’ve added a few new ones to the list! Better Homes and Gardens has a Play & Win daily instant win game where there are over 4,000 winners of various prizes (lots of gift certificates). You can play until February 15. If you have a soft spot for Koalas, then you might want to try to win a stuffed one in the Little Debbie Miles of Smiles sweeps. It’s not an instant win game, so you won’t find out if you won until after this sweeps ends on November 30.

Please share with me what your favorite types of prizes to win in the sweeps are?