I’m writing this post because I needed to buy a new belgian waffle maker and because Megan has put together a great summary of tips for shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens ‘n Things. I made a rare trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond today in search of a new waffle maker to replace the one that my mom gave me that certainly came from a garage sale – it was a great belgian waffle maker but has lost all of it’s non-stick properties. Since I use it once a week for Friday Night Waffles, I could justify spending some dough on it so my dough would stop sticking to it. On my shopping trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond I took with me EXPIRED 20% off coupons, just to really test them because that’s part of my job – to test the coupon policies.

I am happy to report that I came home with a beautiful Krups Belgian Waffle Maker. And that I saved 20% on all three items I purchased. I learned that you should NEVER go shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond without your coupons because you can use one coupon per item. So save and use those 20% coupons (just ignore the expiration dates) and if you buy any items priced between $15 and $25 use the “Save $5 on $15 purchase” coupon for a better deal. I’ve used expired coupons at Linens ‘n Things before too, but they like them to have expiration dates within the last 2 years. You can sign-up to get coupons via email and mail here for B,B&B; and here for L’NT. Thanks to Megan at Megan’s Bargains and More for helping me make my shopping trip a successful one with expired coupons in-hand! And I made the day of two shoppers on my way out the door because I handed them two extra coupons that I didn’t need for my purchase – just call me the Coupon Fairy.

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