I’m sorry you missed this freebie, but please check more Free Samples currently available. Discover the new way to stay dry: men’s and women’s 48-hour dry spray antiperspirants, available at Safeway stores from Axe,  Dove,  Dove Men+Care, Degree Men & Degree Woman. See how it works, then enter for a chance to get a free full-size sample (while supplies last) available for the first 5,000 people. Starting Friday, Jan. 9, click below to watch the short video and unlock your free sample. The first 5,000 get a free full-size Dry Spray and the second 5,000 get a free sample and entered to win a $50 Safeway gift card (100 winners). Good luck!

Free Sample Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Why should I try new Dry Spray antiperspirants?

Goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. They go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel with no visible residue, and provide 48-hour odor and wetness protection. Here’s a way to really see the difference: Trying spray some Dry Spray onto your finger, and then wiping your finger on the screen of your cell phone. Viola, no residue!

I tried the Degree Woman Dry Spray before heading to the gym and I loved that this antiperspirant is truly dry – no slimy residue like other antiperspirants. I thought that the Dry Spray worked better than my normal deodorant and there was no white residue to worry about either! You can wear your black t-shirt without getting white marks on it – hooray!

What’s in them?

The only active ingredient in Dry Spray Antiperspirants is ACH (Aluminum), an ingredient commonly used in antiperspirants to help control sweat.

Dry Spray Antiperspirants Coupon - Save $2 at Safeway

Where can I find Dry Spray Antiperspirants for less cost?

You can Save $2 on Dry Spray Antiperspirants at Safeway stores! Scroll down and click on the yellow “Find Yours” button to unlock your Dry Spray coupon redeemable at Safeway.

How do I use new Dry Spray Antiperspirants?

1. Unlock the can. Men twist the ring at the top. Women, push forward on the tab.

2. Shake the can well. This is very important to activate the dry spray.

3. Hold it 6 inches from your underarm and spray.

4. Instantly dry.

Stay Dry with Dry Spray Antiperspirant

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