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Johnson & Johnson Wound Care

Johnson & Johnson Wound Care First Aid ResourceBe Prepared for Wound Care at #JNJWoundCare

At the Johnson & Johnson Wound Care page you’ll find detailed information on how to care for wounds (both minor and post-surgery) and which products to use. There are several informational homecare videos towards the bottom of the page addressing everything from dressing a joint to infection symptoms. I love that they show you all of the Johnson & Johnson products available so you can decide which ones you need in your First Aid Kit. I just added some Gauze and Cloth Tape to my First Aid Kit – read below to find out what prompted me to add them!

I recently had a family emergency of my own that made me more aware of the importance of keeping my First Aid supplies well stocked. I was in the kitchen making dinner and cleaning knives in the sink. I wasn’t being careful enough because I accidentally cut my knuckle with a knife I was cleaning. At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal, put a Band Aid on it and proceeded with dinner preparations. But it was a big deal because it wouldn’t stop bleeding because it was on my knuckle that kept bending. So I search my First Aid supplies for some gauze and cloth tape – which I couldn’t find – and while I was searching I started to feel slightly light-headed. So I put a larger Band Aid on my finger and went to the Emergency Room. I knew I didn’t need stitches, but I did need to have the wound cleaned, glued and my finger immobilized by putting it in a splint. Of course I’m going to be much more careful when washing knives in the future, and my First Aid supplies are now well-stocked and clearly labeled so that other family members can easily find them. Johnson & Johnson Wound Care First Aid ResourceHow do you stay prepared for Family Emergencies? Are you keeping First Aid Kits in your house and all of your cars? Does everyone in your family know where the First Aid Kit is located? Do you have all of the wound care supplies you need to handle all kinds of wounds? First Aid KitWant to win a $50 Walmart gift card? Only five people will win, but you have to enter before this giveaway closes on August 22 to have a chance to win. Better yet – enter daily for an even better chance of winning!  I’d love a retweet of this giveaway on Twitter – it’s also a great reminder to restock your First Aid supplies! 

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Johnson & Johnson Wound Care First Aid Resource

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