Sorry, no longer available. Get a free sample of Yogi Tea.

This is my favorite brand of tea thanks to the great introduction I’ve gotten from their free sample offers. This is a new offer, so I’m sure they’ll send you a sample even if you’ve gotten samples from them in the past like I have.

Did you know that if you sign-up for their monthly e-newsletter you will have more chances to sample their wonderful tea? In the past each month they offer a short survey and they randomly select some of the survey participants to receive free tea samples. I have been one of those lucky participants who have gotten tea samples this way!

And if you have recently bought a box of Yogi Tea, check the box very carefully before you throw it away! I just finished a box of Throat Comfort, and found not one coupon – but two coupons (one on each flap) on the inside of the box! I can take both of these 50 cent coupons to Kroger and they will double them for $1 off each box I buy – thus further feeding my Yogi Tea addiction. Plus I often find boxes on clearance if they didn’t have room for certain flavors on the shelf.

What tea are you loving right now? How are you saving money on your tea purchases?

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