Money Saving Mom has an excellent post about “Donating Extras” that I encourage you to read. I also wanted to share with you what I did this morning. I hauled a car full of baby gear, toys, and clothing to a new local charity that I found out about by reading our local newspaper. I also put together a big bag of free samples and cleaned out my cupboards of extra goodies from my shopping trips to CVS and Walgreens. It was a wonderful way for us to do some spring cleaning, and donate items to those who need them in our community. It felt really good to donate directly to an organization who has a specific need for my “extras” because I know these items will be used in the near future by moms in my community. So, keep in mind that as much as you love getting freebies for yourself, please find a way to give freebies to others who need them – especially other moms in your community!