Instead of buying a 2010 Calendar to hang in my kitchen, I’m using one that I got for free. There are lots of free calendars available, and some of them include great coupons. I’ve shared several free calendar offers with you and these look like they are still available to request:
2010 Oriental Trading Co.
2010 Eat Better America
2010 Womens Health Planning
2010 Chick-fil-A Calendar (free with gift card purchase)

Here are some printable calendars:
2010 8×10 Photo Calendar by Manda Girl
2009/10 School Year Kids Coloring Calendar
DLTK’s Custom Kids Calendars
MomAdvice’s Weekly Planner

Last year I repurposed my Chick-fil-A Calendar by pasting my old Sunflower Calendar pictures onto it. I didn’t really want to be looking at the Chick-fil-A cows in my kitchen (as cute as they may be). So I took my 2008 Sunflower Calendar and cut out the photos to paste onto my 2009 Chick-fil-A Calendar. I used scissors, double-stick tape, and a hole punch to create it. Yes, it took some time to do this and I did have a problem with the calendar being extra thick now and the inner-most page detached and I had to glue it. But I was proud of myself for eliminating the need to purchase any calendars for 2009.

Remember my Printable Weekly Planner that I created with MomAdvice’s help? Here it is, ready to help me stay organized in the new year. I love that I can see 2 weeks at one time.

You may not want to take the time or have the materials to create your own calendars like I did, but here are my tips for buying calendars for really cheap:

How to Find Cheap Calendars:

* Target Dollar Spot @ 50% and 75% off – My Target has their Dollar Spot on sale for 50% off everything, and I saw a few calendars. I’ve seen the Dollar Spot at 75% off before so I know it may happen. Of course selection is limited, but you never know what you’ll find if you dig a little!

* Christmas Clearance – Sometimes you even find calendars in the Christmas Clearance. Many stores are going 75% off this week, some will even go 90% off starting next week!

* Dollar Store – The Dollar Store usually has a great selection of calendars for $1

When you are taking down your 2009 calendars, why not find a way to utilize the photographs or illustrations they contain? Last year I had a few extra pages from my 2008 Sunflower calendar that I used to create a decorative cover for this notebook.

I know there are some wonderful digital calendars out there to help everyone out, and most are completely free! I need paper calendars because my computer is off for most of the day and I need to look at my calendar all the time.

How are you saving money on creating your 2010 Calendars? What are you doing with your 2009 Calendars?