Does everyone over 18 in your household have a free BIC pen on the way? Don’t forget that every day there is a brief window of opportunity (less than 5 minutes) to get a free BIC Easy Glide Pen starting at 11:00 am CT (Noon ET, 10am MT, 9am PT). Every day they are giving 1,000 pens away. This daily giveaway goes through September 9 and the limit is one per person. So everyone over 18 years old in your household can ask for one. You should receive your free pen within 6 to 8 weeks.

TIP: Go to a few minutes before it starts, then keep refreshing the page until you see the form. Fill it out as quickly as you can then hit submit. Due to high traffic for this giveaway by BIC, some people will never even see the form. Keep trying because it happens every day at the same time!

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