Paused until Monday when they can restock – so wait until Monday to make your request! Go ask for your free Binaca with coupon by mail redeemable at stores that carry Binaca like Walmart and Walgreens.  Thanks goes to Common Sense with Money for keeping our breath fresh for free!  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Give a Free Binaca to Your Friends – just click on that text by the red “Step 1” and then share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter

2. Like Binaca on Facebook or Follow on Twitter – just click on that text by the green “Step 2” and then “Like” or “Follow”

3. Get a Coupon for FREE Binaca Here – just click on that text by the blue “Step 3” and then fill out the form to get a coupon by mail

4. Check your email for “Confirm your subscription” – click on the confirmation link as the final step to get your coupon by mail redeemable at these stores for a free Binaca product

Update 8/9/10: Got it – they actually sent the free Peppermint Binaca instead of the free product coupon.  Plus a coupon to Save $1.

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