Sorry, no longer available. Get two free sample packets of Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce.  Look on the left for “Click Here to Get a Free Sample While Supplies Last” in black and red text.  Thanks goes to Margaet for contacting me to share this new sample!  You should receive your sample within 4 to 6 weeks.  After you submit your sample request if you get a black page that says 100% on it you need to try again until you get the message:

Just complete the following form

You’re getting free** samples of

There is also a coupon you can print to Save $1.00 on one Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce (top right-hand corner) which would be great to use when they are on sale (print it twice).

Update 11/20/10: Got my samples a few months ago, there are large pouches of two different flavors.