Sorry, no longer available. Visit NeilMed Neti Pot and “Like” them to receive a free NasaFlo Neti Pot (go to “Free Neti Pot” tab).  Or if you’d prefer you can receive a free Sinus Rinse bottle (choose one, you can’t get both freebies).  Go to the “Free Sinus…” tab.

Take the short survey and register will receive one free by mail along with two packets of nasal wash.  Go to the “Free Neti Pot” tab and then look for “Click here for free NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot” to fill out the form.  You will receive an email confirmation (you don’t need to click on anything in that email).

Remember that if you already successfully registered for the free Neti Pot or free Sinus Rinse, you are not eligible to receive another freebie from NeilMed (limit is one freebie per household).  I recently received my free Neti Pot!  Thanks goes to Scott again for bringing this returning freebie to my attention!