After you get your free samples in the mail, where do you put them? By placing them somewhere that makes sense, you will be sure to use them and they won’t get “lost” in the shuffle. This is especially important with some food and beauty product samples that are best used soon after they receive before they expire and the product quality deteriorates. Here are some possible uses for your fee samples and ideas on where you should store them to ensure they get used!

Travel – If you travel often then you will find that free samples are perfect for travelling, especially those beauty and bath products. Keep all of your “travel necessities” in one location – a container or basket in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet – so that when it comes time to pack for a trip you know exactly what you have and it is all in one place.

On-the-Go – With kids we have numerous bags for our on-the-go lifestyles from our purse to the diaper bag to the tote bag for day trips. Free samples are great to keep in one of these on-the-go bags or to keep in the car.

Themed Gifts – Sometimes you may want to save some of your free samples to use in a themed gift for a baby shower, birthday, or get well soon package. Keep all of these potential gift items all in one place so that you know what you have when you get ready to put together a themed gift.

Everyday Use – A lot of free samples are for the types of products that we use on an everyday basis, so it makes sense to just put these samples where we would normally put the full-size product in our pantry or closet. Now you will use it because it is right at your fingertips, ready to use when you need it.

Enjoy your free samples and please leave a comment if you have any other tips! Don’t miss my previous 11 Freebie Tips.