I fell in love today with Clorox Green Works Natural Glass & Surface cleaner. I must admit I was surprised that by taking advantage of the opportunity to try Clorox Green Works for free (thanks to Mom Central and Clorox) that I would find my new favorite cleaning product.

Why do I love the streak-free shine and lemon scent of the Natural Glass & Surface cleaner? Because I have been challenged in the past to find a cleaner that is truly streak-free to use on my black kitchen appliances, especially my black stove top. I found that my appliances really were streak-free after cleaning with this new product. And when I say that I love the “lemon scent” – I don’t mean I love the lemon scent covering up the chemical scent. No, Clorox Green Works actually smells like real lemons because it’s got lemon oil in it. I don’t think that they are covering up any chemical smell, because the coconut-based cleaning agent listed as the first ingredient is a plant-based ingredient that I would guess doesn’t smell bad enough to need to cover-up. All of the ingredients are plant-based and you won’t find any phosphorous or bleach in there either.

So, I am a big fan of Clorox Green Works now and I look forward to purchasing more of their cleaning products at my local grocery store. I haven’t seen any coupons yet, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for them (I just know they are coming soon to a future coupon insert).