Is your computer beeping at you? How to turn off the Facebook Notification Sound

Facebook NotificationsMy computer recently started making a new beeping noise. I thought that either my computer was on the verge of self-destructing, or I was going crazy. I had no idea where this noise was coming from until one day I was on Facebook and it happened at the same time a notification window appeared within Facebook at the bottom left-hand corner of my screen.

It turns out that Facebook […]

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Bloggers: Are giveaways worth hosting?

GiveawaysAs a blogger hosting a giveaway, you get to award a great prize to one of your readers. Is it worth your time to set-up, promote, and award the prize? I think that no matter how big of a prize it is, it’s important to remember that only one of your readers will win it. So a good question to ask is: How will many of my readers benefit from […]

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The Truth About Why Retailers Dislike Frugal Bloggers

Freebies 4 Mom

Frequently Asked Question: Why do some retailers dislike Frugal Bloggers?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately – and I hear other bloggers asking it too. I’d like to share my opinion with you (and I’d love to hear yours too!).

Frugal Bloggers write to help their readers save money. Retailers don’t always like the help that Frugal Bloggers give their readers. It’s a […]

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Bloggers: Think Twice About Blogger vs. Blogger Contests

CarrotChances are you won’t win, and then you just spent time writing and promoting something that may not be your normal content, or something you’re not passionate about. Many companies are sponsoring contests that pit bloggers against bloggers in order to dangle a really big carrot in front of the bloggers as motivation while drawing upon our natural competitive spirit. But what I’ve seen happen to other bloggers is that […]

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Bloggers: Your Time Is Valuable

I wanted to share a lesson I learned from my blogging experiences of 2012: Your time is valuable, so spend it on what you’re passionate about sharing.

It’s difficult to remember this when there is so much pressure from others to host a giveaway, share a deal, write a sponsored post, and promote an affiliate. I’m not the only blogger who is learning this lesson and sharing it. Bobbie […]

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Money4Mom Join MySavings Media

Bloggers can make money by being an affiliate for freebies! I recommend joining MySavings Media for access to free sample and coupon offers that make you money. One of the things I love about MySavings Media is that many of the legitimate offers they have are ones I’d be blogging about anyways. So it’s nice to be able to diversify my blogging income by getting paid for a […]

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Money 4 Mom: Starting a Blog?

The most frequently question I get asked is:
How do I start a blog and make money blogging?

Here’s my short answer:
You don’t start a blog to make money, you blog for fun.

Saving money and sharing the freebies is what I’m passionate about. I started my blog for fun because it had become my hobby to find new freebies and coupons. Blogging was the best way to share my finds with the most people. I […]

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Money 4 Mom: Being Your Own Boss

Since I’m reminding myself this week that “I am my own boss” as a self-employed blogger, I thought it would be good to remind you too. I need to remind myself of that right now in order to keep my blogging fun and flexible enough to accommodate my schedule. With the holidays coming up, many of us are traveling […]

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Money 4 Mom: Smarter Email with Gmail

I finally opened a Gmail account so that I can start working smarter. I made the switch after reading Six Ways Gmail Makes Blogging Easier on BlogCoach and Email: Transform This Tool from Stressful to Useful on Simple Mom. I’ll let these two bloggers tell you why Gmail is better and can help you work smarter. The wonderful part is that I don’t even need […]

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Money 4 Mom: Finding New Readers

Most bloggers are always looking for new readers. Yes, money plays a factor since most ads displayed on blogs pay more when you have more readers. But more importantly bloggers thrive on interaction with their readers. Readers supply a sounding board, new ideas, tips, and feedback. Readers make blogging firmly rooted in the reality of what is happening today. So, how do you find new readers without paying for advertising? My list will link to other bloggers who have introduced […]

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