Is your computer beeping at you? How to turn off the Facebook Notification Sound

Facebook NotificationsMy computer recently started making a new beeping noise. I thought that either my computer was on the verge of self-destructing, or I was going crazy. I had no idea where this noise was coming from until one day I was on Facebook and it happened at the same time a notification window appeared within Facebook at the bottom left-hand corner of my screen.

It turns out that Facebook […]


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How To See a Facebook Fan Page in Your News Feed

FacebookFrequently Asked Question: How do I see in my Facebook News Feed?

Now you can select Show in News Feed when you hover your mouse on the “Like” button for any Fan page on Facebook. You should see a pull-down menu appear so that you can place a checkmark by “Show in News Feed”. Don’t miss any freebies – go check that you’re getting my […]


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Facebook Tip: Learn to Spot the Spammy Apps

Look for these red flags that tell you an application on Facebook is likely going to spam your friends for you. It’s so easy to think these “look official” because they use brand names and high-quality graphics to make you think the offer comes directly from the company. I’ve learned this from first-hand experience, it’s easy to be fooled but you have to learn from the experience. If you accidentally approve a spammy app, […]


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Facebook Tip: Remove Applications You’ve Allowed

Freebies and coupons available through Facebook are increasingly popular ways of promoting products. But they often require that you “allow” an application in order to access the form for the free sample request or coupon. So I want to show you how to remove that access, and why it’s usually safe to grant access in the first place.

Each application is slightly different, but you will see what type of access […]


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Facebook Tip: Get Your Newsfeed Back

Facebook is filtering your Newsfeed for you, and you probably didn’t even know it (but you might like your old Newsfeed back)! This might be the reason some of my fans are suddenly missing their Freebies 4 Mom Facebook updates. The default setting is to only show the “Friends and pages you interact with most” and maybe you like that setting. I don’t know how they measure “most”. But I want to see everyone I’m friends with plus […]


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