How To Make Monstersicles

To make your Monstersicles, start with Juicy Juice single-serve boxes (6.75 oz.). Flip the boxes upside down and unfold the bottom of the box . Cut the seam of the box with scissors to open up the box but still have about 0.5 inches between the top level of the juice and the top edge of the box. Insert a plastic spoon with the spoon-side down. To keep the spoon handle in the middle of the box, use tape across the top of the box. You should be able to get the edge of the spoon to rest against the seam at the bottom of the box which will help keep your spoon centered. Add in a few Monsters University fruit snacks, but not too many or you’ll have a really short handle on your Monstersicle. Freeze overnight then remove from the freezer and peel-off the box. I cut a small slit in the top of the box to help get the peeling started.

Monstersicles: So Easy It's Scary

Wasn’t that easy? I wanted to think of creative ways to make popsicles without using popsicle molds. The juice box is the perfect size to use for a popsicle mold. And with a little tape you can easily position that spoon handle in the middle of the juice box. We call them “Monstersicles” because we used Monsters University products to make them plus they are “monster-sized” popsicles. My kids are playing with their new Monsters University toys and using their imagination to act-out Monsters University scenes (before seeing the movie). I’m sure once we see the movie they’ll be acting out scenes from the movie in their Imaginext Monsters University Scare Factory.

Monstersicles: Turn juice boxes into popsicles

If you have a chance to make Monstersicles, please let me know how they turn out!

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