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You will love the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Houston for it’s convenience and speed! I haven’t visited yet (because thankfully everyone in my family is well right now) but it’s reassuring to know that there is a clinic only 18 minutes away from my house that’s open evenings and weekends when I need it the most! For some reason my kids like to get sick after our doctor’s office is closed, and we can’t always wait until the doctor office opens again. I encourage you to enter your zipcode to find your nearest clinic because they are in many cities (not just Houston). The coolest feature of the clinic is that you can see the wait time before you make your appointment or prepare to walk-in to a clinic. I’m going to remember to find my nearest Walgreens Healthcare Clinic for our next vacation destination too – because you never know when you’ll need to one.

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“I wish that being sick was not part of our lives” 

Sometimes our children can express things better than we can. Being sick isn’t fun, and that’s why I like to always have options to see a doctor or nurse practitioner during evenings and weekends. Most of our doctor appointments involve seeing the doctor first, then going to the pharmacy to wait for our prescription to be filled. It’s super convenient that your wait time is minimized at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic because the pharmacy is right there. They can literally fill your prescription within seconds of the nurse practitioner writing it. This will definitely help make our unplanned evening and weekend clinic visits go smoother (and faster).

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic features expanded services that include physicals, caring for minor injuries, monitoring ongoing conditions, and more. Ask questions @Walgreens on Twitter or tell them what you think about their new clinics.

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What if you had to ride a ferry to get to a clinic?

Been there, done that! We spent our summer vacation on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound. We were on a very large island (there’s even a Naval base there), but we could not find any walk-in clinics. So we had to ride the ferry to the mainland to visit a walk-in clinic associated with a hospital for my son’s eye stye (it looked horrible!).  Someone had a lot of fun on the ferry boat, but let me tell you that this is the longest appointment I’ve ever taken a child on. Riding the ferry involves a lot of waiting – waiting to load, waiting to launch, waiting to dock, waiting to unload. And you have to do it twice. A ten minute appointment took four hours. It was ridiculous but it made me appreciate having walk-in clinics that I could drive to. And I realized how on this particular clinic visit I really needed to have the pharmacy right there at the clinic. If we would have had a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic on the island it would have been perfect! (ok, I can dream – right?) But even better than that I have a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in my neighborhood. (woo hoo!)

I can't help my kids get better fast enough #HealthcareClinic #shop

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