This product is no longer offered for free. Don’t miss the free download of PagePlus Essentials ($49.99 value) for Windows Vista or XP available again on Amazon.  This is not a free trial, just a free product available for a limited time and you’ll never be charged for it.  You don’t have to download it now, just “Place Your Order” then it should appear in “Your Games & Software Library”.   Here’s a brief description of this software: “PagePlus Essentials makes it a breeze to design and print stunning projects like cards, posters, newsletters and more with its amazing combination of powerful and easy-to-use desktop publishing features.”

You will need to install the Amazon Games & Software Downloader before downloading the software. Please visit the Amazon Games & Software Help page to answer any questions about downloading this software.  Please be aware that you need to login to your Amazon account in order to download your free software.  Amazon does require you to have a current credit card on file even if you’re only ordering free software, free music or free Kindle books.  Just be sure your order total is $0.00 before you checkout.  To obtain your unique product key go to “Your Account” (top right) and then find “Your Games and Software Library” under the Digital Content category.

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