⛏️Why does everything have to break at the same time?

water heater in atticIt started with the car breaking. The computer broke next. At this point I’m thinking “OK, I can handle the extra time and expense of two things breaking around the same time.” But the “breaking” had only just begun because before I had gotten the car and computer fixed more things broke that required more of my attention (and time and money). The air conditioning started breaking (at the […]


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Why I took 30 minutes to invest in my health today…

No appointment needed. Those three words helped me get two immunizations today to help protect myself against the flu virus, whooping cough, and tetanus.

Ramblings 4 Mom

I went to the CVS Minute Clinic and I was impressed with the quick service (and the important ‘no appointment needed’ policy). As a mom I won’t skip my children’s annual exams or immunizations […]


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🤰Why I want every reader to know about Sidelines.org…

Sidelines.orgSidelines.org supports mothers when they need it the most – during high-risk pregnancy. Chances are that someday you’ll know someone who needs the support of Sidelines.org. I needed them during my second high-risk preganancy and I wish I would have learned about them sooner. Please pass along this resource to others.

Which non-profit has helped you out recently?

A few things I couldn’t categorize…


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📚Why I read to escape the stresses of the day…

eBooksReading a book is my favorite way to unwind. My mind is taken to another place, another time, another story. I know ideally I could take a vacation from my normal routine and go somewhere exotic…but let’s be practical – that takes money and time that I don’t have. So it’s wonderful to have my instant escape in my books (and yes, most of the books […]


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✏️Why my kids work while I’m working…

Working at TableDuring the summer you’ll find us sitting at the kitchen table working. Even though it’s summer vacation, my kids still have work to do. And I still have work to do even though my normal work-time during their school-time evaporates. So we work together during the summer on a very flexible schedule. The kids work on Summer Bridge Activities while I work on my blog.

We’re still […]


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Why my blog is pink and why I used to shy away from that color…

PinkPink is a passionate color. When I created my blog, Freebies 4 Mom, I was passionate about helping people save money. I was struggling living paycheck to paycheck and wanted to turn around my family’s finances so we could start saving more and spending less. I was passionate about helping others while I helped myself. Pink was the color that I selected to help me express my passion to my blog […]


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Why I close the dishwasher when it’s completely unnecessary (yes, I need CLOSURE)

Dishwasher ClosureMonotonous tasks. Endless chores. We all do them every day. And sometimes I just want CLOSURE on them. I want to be able to say “I am FINISHED” (even though I may only be finished for a minute or two).

This is why when I have a sink full of dirty dishes and I’m unloading the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and I’ve got […]


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